Video – Deco Squares

gorillapod clamp reduced

Yesterday I picked up my new gorillapod clamp so that I can film my tutorials from overhead.  I think I need a mirror above the camera, so I can see what I’m filming, but overall … not bad for my first try!

Todays video is relevent to our May swap … Deco Squares (short for decorative squares).  It’s the first time I’ve run this swap, so I thought a video would be helpful.

Deco Square thumbnail

Decorative squares can, of course, be different shapes.  Circles, hexagons, scallop circles .. the point is that they are a set of 3 decorative shapes that coordinate so they can be used together.  Of course, you can split them up and use them separately, but together they make a great set of coordinated embellishments for a layout or pocket scrapbook double page.

20140423_123609 reduced

Here are all the ingredients I used for todays video.  You can find the Panda Face set of stamps in my online store CLICK HERE.  The card & paper were from my scrap folders, and this is where deco squares really rock … they’re the perfect mini stash-buster!

20140423_160617 reduced

20140423_164931 reduced20140423_160532 reduced20140423_160507 reduced

So … there is a deco square (or circle, or hexagon, or ‘other shape’) swap in May.  Official announcement is Monday, but consider this advance notice!  Perhaps you can have a play over the long weekend and see if you like them enough to make 6 sets (that’s 18 pieces) and join the swap!  How do you join?  Well … it’s so simple!  Just email me at with ‘DECO SQUARE’ in the subject line.  Sign-ups are open all next week, and details will be emailed on Sunday 4th May.  Due date is Friday 30th May, and the full details will be in the email.

Copic Colour Combo – Auburn

Copic Colour Combo of the week Auburn

This week I’m back with a classic hair colour combo.  Thanks to the red undertones in these markers, it’s a real, old fashioned auburn shade.  Also great for trees, benches, clothes, and so much more!

As always, anyone who purchases this set of 3 Ciao and 1 Sketch marker this week will receive a free reference card to colour and keep.  CLICK HERE to be whisked to the earth tone Copic markers.

New Stamp release day

April 2nd release

I must confess, I am a little OTT excited about this months new release … especially Mr. Octopus!!!  All those little accessory stamps fit onto the laptop screen!  AND … I can use them with other stamp sets, like Kitty Cat and Too Hip!  Mrs Sweet is one clever lady when it comes to putting these sets together!

You can pick up these sets right now in the online store HERE, but please note that Hedgehog Kisses are still on the plane, so they’re a pre-order.  All pre-order stamps can be purchased now, and will be shipped the day they arrive.

As a little release day bonus, if you purchase any of these sets from my store, you will receive a secret bonus in your parcel ;)

Meanwhile, I have added some very cool projects using these new release sets to the Pinterest board HERE.  A great place to look if you seek inspiration :D

So … I would love to know … what’s your favourite set?

Quilt Show & New Video

13 April 2014 Quilt Show

I spent the weekend at the Wyong Quilt Show, sharing a stall with Frankensteins Fabrics.  It’s a gorgeous little show, some great quilts in the competition upstairs, and some great goodies to buy in the 2 rooms where we were.  Money raised from the event is donated to a local cancer treatment charity

stamped pillows

I spent my time showing people how to create their own custom fabric panels using stamps and Copic markers.  Lots of Sweet Stamp Shop sets went home with enthusiastic crafters, and of course I have more on the way!  These two cuties were made using Kitty Cat and Too Hip.

Marni was kind enough to video a quick tutorial when we had a quiet moment (please pardon the ambient noise … we were in a room full of crafters, and you know how we all love a chat!).  It’s the first video I’ve made with my new camera, so I’m still learning how it works.

Copics on Fabric intro




Thanks to everyone who came by to watch a demonstration, who took home some goodies and enjoyed a chat at the show :)

New stamp sets!

Second shipment

Mmmmmm … I love the smell of photopolymer stamp sets in the morning!  A fresh batch just came in from the USA, including a few that will be in the #2 April release in a couple of weeks *shhhhh*

Cheeky__52369.1394030497.386.513Emotions__19912.1394030664.386.513Feeling_Today__68119.1394031199.386.513Foxyweb__38752.1391623529.220.360sparkleandshine__20726.1391274048.386.513elegantflowersweb__01322.1391623281.386.513cookieweb__85915.1391622961.386.513 $9.45 ea

Anatomy_Of_Love_web__46486.1391622485.386.513patterncrazeweb__22985.1391624035.386.513  $15.85  ea

CLICK HERE to find them in the shop.
Would you prefer to pay by direct debit or cheque?  Just email me at and I’ll be happy to arrange that for you!

CLICK HERE for some amazing inspiration on Pinterest.





Video – Hexagon Faux Quilting Card

Hexagon Faux Quilting Card Video thumbnail

This is a technique I’ve been wanting to play with for a while, and originally I saw it with squares instead of hexagons.  But now that I have a gorgeous new Fiskars hexagon punch, and nothing screams quilting like a hexagon … this card was inevitable!

Hexagon Faux Quilting Card reduced

So happy with the finished card.  These papers came from a small paper pack I bought at Aldi.  Aldi!  Go figure!

Hexagon Faux Quilting Card kit reduced

Aaaaaaand … since so many people love to play along with a kit, I have a limited number of kits available in the shop so that you can make this exact card as you watch the video.  All you need to add is ink and adhesive!

Kit thumbnail



If you make one of these cards from the video I would really love to see it! CLICK HERE to visit my Facebook page, and let’s have a little show & tell going on this week!

Patchwork & Stitching with my roller skating dollies

PWS 15-4 blog button

A sneak peek at the cover of this months Patchwork & Stitching with a retro theme!  See those two little dollies perched on the frame … I made those!  It’s pretty cool seeing them on the cover :D  If you do make some dollies from the magazine I would love to see a photo of them!  If you love to sew, but don’t crochet, I do have some ready-made crochet flowers heading into the shop shortly (and they’re super affordable!).