Tiddly Inks Design Team (part 2)

There was much excitement in my house this week …. I have been invited to join the Tiddly Inks Design Team!!!

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Big thank you to Christy for her faith in my ability to represent Tiddly Inks well … I am excited, humbled, amazed and a teeny bit nervous all at once LOL,  If you’re a copic enthusiast, and you love digital stamps, then I do encourage you to take a look at the Tiddly Inks website.  The deparating design team have done some amazing cards, and there is a LOT of inspiration to be had.  The images are some of my favourite to colour (so much beautiful hair!), and I am already working on my first DT piece.  It’s a little outside the box, so I hope everyone likes it *eep*.

I will be sharing all my DT projects here, so stay tuned!  Want to visit the shop?  Just click the icon below to be whisked to digi heaven :D



New Stamp Release

I was absolutely blown away by this new release … perfect for boys, inspiration, cute, fun and summer card … so many options!!!

Ahoy Release Beach Bum Release Fishy Release Sail Away Release


These are all in stock and available to purchase right now.  Just click the photo to be whisked away to my little online emporium, and remember … they’re thin and light, so post is 70c for a single set or $1.40 for all 4!

For Pinterest Inspiration, check out the boards HERE.

The Pinterest Challenge

So … in the wee hours of the morning a little idea planted itself in my mind … a Pinterest challenge!

The aim of the game is this … you look around Pinterest, or perhaps refer to your own boards for some cardmaking inspiration.  Send me as many pins as you like with the very handy ‘Send’ button (you need to be following me to use this, there’s a link below), or just email me a link.  On Friday I will choose one pin, and use it as inspiration for a video tutorial.  If I choose the pin you sent me, you will receive the finished card from the tutorial as your prize.  If more than one person sends the same pin that is chosen, I will do a random draw for the finished card prize, or send multiple prizes if I make more than one card in the process of making the tutorial.  Currently Australian entries only (due to postage costs overseas).

Warning … if you have never been on Pinterest before, you might want to set a timer to make sure you don’t lose track of time while you peruse all the beautiful pictures.  And perhaps make a cuppa.  I hold no responsibility for time lost on Pinterest LOL.  You have been warned!

Challenge info

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Pinterest boards and click ‘Follow’

No interest in being on Pinterest?  That’s ok too.  You can still look around without an account, and just email me a link to your inspiration photo to be in the game, enquiries@dawnlewis.com.au

If we love this game a lot, then we might just have to play it again!  I can’t wait to see what you’re loving on Pinterest :D  I will close this comp after 3pm on Friday, but am not sure of the exact time because my days can get a little busy, depending what’s on the schedule LOL.

Dawn xx

Sewing Cupboard Overhaul

When we extended our home to add a multipurpose room, hubby agreed that a 5m wall of floor to ceiling cupboards was a great idea.  The theory was that I could have power and lighting over the desk section, work in the cupboard, then close the doors when I was done.  Yeah … it didn’t quite work out that way.  Recently my sewing cupboard had gotten way out of hand.  I pulled everything out of my paper cupboard earlier this year (in preparation for Scrap It TV work … you can see that blog post HERE).  It was time to do the same to the sewing cupboard.

I’d been talking about it for months, thinking about it seriously for weeks, and just mentioned on Friday to my good friend Ms Frankensteins that all I needed was an evening with hubby out of the house and I could get it done.  As luck would have it … the stars aligned and hubby suddenly decided to head out last night.  Thank goodness for Facebook PM’s, because I made quick plans, and picked up Ms Frankensteins on the way home from the train station.  A quick & yummy dinner bubbled in the Thermomix while we surveyed mess, and once the fettucine was consumed & ciders cracked open … we were on the job!

26 Jyly 2014 Sewing cupboard before 1 reduced

On the surface you might be thinking it doesn’t look all that bad.  I mean … I have lots of tubs, right?  Yeah … well, I couldn’t really get to them, and with all the stuff on the floor I couldn’t even sit at the desk.  It really was a nightmare.  Shelf by shelf we pulled everything out.  We lined up the tubs on the floor, and started sorting.  Quite a few things are heading to my Hand-made shop in the next week or so (scrap bags & bargains anyone?), 4 bags of rubbish went in the bin, and hard decisions were made.  3 hours later …

26 July 2014 Sewing cupboard after reduced


There is nothing more appealing to me than a clean work area.  Now I have the space and clarity to work on magazine projects that are all due frighteningly soon!

Darkroom Door + Copic Colours = Printables

So … who has been drooling over the gorgeous new Darkroom Door stamps I posted on Tuesday?  I know I’m itching to try a different colour scheme on a few of them, especially Crafty Lady.  As promised, here are the printable copic colour charts to go with each image.  Just save to your computer, and you can print these as a 6×4 photo (or on your home printer, of course).

Leafy Lady copic colour printable

Crafty Lady copic colour printable

Strawberry Lady copic colour printable

Tropical Lady copic colour printable

Cherry Apple Lady copic colour printable

Flower Lady copic colour printable

Looking for the stamps?  You can find them on the Darkroom Door website, or at your local stamping/scrapbooking stockist.

CLICK HERE to be whisked to Darkroom Door.

Looking for Copic markers?  I stock them in my store, and if you want a colour that I don’t have, I can get that for you :)

CLICK HERE to peruse the Categories & discover Copic colour groups.

Darkroom Door – the secret is out

Last week I was doing some top secret colouring … and all I could do was show little sneaky peeks.  BUT … today, I can reveal all!

Darkroom Door has released their new line art stamps.  These stamps were incredibly fun to colour, and there are plenty of ways that you can level up the colouring challenge!  They would also be brilliant for collage techniques, mixed media projects and more!

DDLA002_LineArtStamp_FlowerLady Flower Lady reduced

Flower Lady

DDLA004_LineArtStamp_CherryAppleLady Cherry Apple Lady reduced

Cherry Apple Lady

DDLA006_LineArtStamp_TropicalLady Tropical Lady reduced

Tropical Lady

DDLA005_LineArtStamp_StrawberryLady Strawberry Lady reduced

Strawberry Lady

DDLA003_LineArtStamp_CraftyLady Crafty Lady reduced

Crafty Lady

DDLA001_LineArtStamp_LeafyLady Leafy Lady reduced

Leafy Lady

This gorgeous range was drawn by Lucrecia de Silva, and my favourite to colour was a definately Leafy Lady!  There are links to the stamps in the Darkroom Door store below each set (just click the stamp name to be whisked to retail heaven!).  I will be putting up printables with all the Copic colours I used tomorrow, so tune in for that one!  Big thanks to Rachel Greig for letting me play with her new stamps, and I look forward to trying new colour combos on these beauties soon!

A new school term, a new location

No … I am not moving house (I’m a bit nuts, but not totally crazy!).  I am, however, moving the blog over to my website.  This content will stay here, but new blog posts will be over at DawnLewis.com.au

Now that I’m playing with so many social media platforms, I think it’s time to streamline.  Add to the mix … writing my first book, Secretary for Angel Gowns for Australian Angel Babies, 2 kids still struggling with high school, planning 2 overseas vacations (sadly, not for myself), and trying to make time for all that day to day stuff … well … I’m a teeny bit busy (and loving it!!!).

You can find the new blog HERE, just click the ‘Blog’ tab up the top.  There will be some old projects there, but new stuff too :D

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