Go with your Gut

The single best piece of advice I have ever received is to go with my gut.  It has saved my sanity on many, many occasions!  So, this morning as I headed out at ridiculous o’clock to make the 3 hour round trip to IKEA … I got to utitlise that amazing piece of advice once again.  When you’re 5 minutes into a 90 minute trip down a looooooong freeway with no mobile phone and your car starts to emit a burning smell from the front end … go with your gut!  Mine said “Dawn, you should check that out before we climb that huge hill ahead of us.” … and so I pulled over and looked.  I know nothing about cars, except that you put petrol in so they go ‘broom’, and that mechanics are good with them.  So … I turned around, went and had a chai latte, then came home.  IKEA will wait and the mechanic is open on Monday 😀


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