Hello world!

Photo by Rachel Greig, Darkroom Door

Yes … hello world!  My name is Dawn, and I present to you my blog-tastic thoughts here at Cake & Enemy.  So … “Why the weird blog name, lady?” you might be asking.  “Fair question” I answer, and this is why.  I have 2 lovely girls.  I have a lovely niece and nephew.  There’s quite an age difference between these cousins, and my sweet niece & nephew couldn’t quite get their mouths around my girls names.  Hence they now call them Cake and Enemy … cracks me up every single time!

“What can I expect to read about, and see … and learn, here at Cake & Enemy?” you are thinking.  “I’m glad you asked!” says I.  I’m a crafter.  Ohhhhhh, how I love to create goodies of all shapes and sizes, colours and textures.  I also have an extremely strong belief that creativity should be *achievable*affordable*accessible*.  I have figured out all sorts of clever ways to budget my time and my money so that I can spend more time doing the things I love.  So if you’re interested in getting more bang for your buck and more creative hours in the day, you and I are really going to get along!

So … when the kiddies return to school next week, check in, because I am about to start an amazing challenge handed to me by my awesome friend … let’s all her “Miss Can Do”.


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