Putting the cake into Cake & Enemy!

ImageMmmmmmm … pear & blueberry cake.  Ok, so it’s supposed to have raspberries in it, but when you’ve cleverly put all the pouches of frozen berries in one Tupperware container, they all kind of look alike.  I can assure you that it tastes ah-mazing!

Every time I say ‘Cake & Enemy’ it makes me think that cake is my enemy, well … sugar to be exact.  But cake doesn’t have to be the vile enemy of our waistlines!  Sometimes just a little bit with a nice hot cuppa is just the ticket.  It was a pretty awesome day when I realised, I didn’t have to eat it just because it was there … I could always make another one, right?!  I love to share a nice cake with family and friends, and pack a piece in the kids’ lunchboxes every now and then.  Baking is fun for everyone … even my kids love to help, and one is even capable of baking unassisted!  One of the things I will be sharing here at Cake & Enemy will be recipes and a bunch of cool tips and stories to do with food and cooking.  Stay tuned!


One thought on “Putting the cake into Cake & Enemy!

  1. Yum, yum, yum! I go through phases with my baking where I’m either totally into it or seriously can’t be bothered but the idea of cake, the promise a recipe holds, I find that very beguiling, whether I feel like baking or not. I have been known to just sit and read cookbooks for the pure enjoyment of it.

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