Been there, bought that

Did you get your scratchy gift card in the post?

OK, so I’m not having the greatest day.  Kids are back at school, which I love … but my treadmill has an error message, which put a serious kink in some big-time plans I had for myself.

So, a little birthday shopping for E, and I stopped in at my local Spotlight store.  I love Spotlight.  I love my local Spotlight because the staff are so lovely and it’s always so tidy.  In I walked, $5 gift card in hand … and after 10 minutes I walked out with nothing.  Anyone who knows me well would be shocked.  But here’s the thing.  I have been there, bought that … you name a craft and there’s a 90% chance that I have tried it.  I have cupboards full of fabric, papers, stamps, paints, brushes … more than any one person should own.  I couldn’t find anything to spend my free $5 on.  On one hand, that’s kind of sad.  On the other hand, I guess there just comes a day when you have enough and don’t need to bring more into your home.

Maybe I’ll go back when the catalogue sale starts tomorrow and buy some double sided tape.  It’s a disposable item, and I’m in a really comfortable place that doesn’t crave more of something I won’t use 🙂


5 thoughts on “Been there, bought that

  1. I think we may be in the same place at the moment… do you really need the double sided tape? Does the gift card have an expiry? (the writing was so small on the back and I couldn’t find my glasses so I gave up looking for it on mine). What I’m thinking is that the satisfaction of waiting to discover what the $5 is actually ment for might be a revelation. I stuck my gift card on my pin board with a sticky note on it that reads ‘new tea towel for house staging’… and yes I can’t wait to visit our local Spotlight to get this 🙂

  2. Very restrained of you! I applaud you for purchasing nothing and I think double sided tape is a very practical purchase…but I think if I was in the same boat, there would be a little part of me lamenting the fact that double sided tape lacks a certain pizzaz and I probably would have ended up looking for cute buttons or something, lol.

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