But what does it “do”?

Altered puzzle – chocolate theme.

I was cleaning up some digital folders and I came across this image.  10 years ago I joined a scrapbooking swap group.  Oh, I loved that group!  We would have different challenges and swap our creations … I have 2 lever arch files & 4 boxes FULL of them!  One day we got extremely creative and decided to do a progressive puzzle swap.  This is mine.  I decided on a chocolate theme, and made the first piece (with the teddy bear on it).  It travelled around Australia and other people decorated mine, while I decorated other people’s puzzles.  I have a Barbie one as well.

It seemed so important at the time, and I remember being so excited to receive the finished puzzle (I was stalking my postman a LOT), and hubby just looked and said … “But, what does it DO?”.  Fast forward 6 years and I can tell you what it does.  It sits in a box in my papercraft cupboard quietly hoping that one day I will take it out and admire it … maybe even frame it.

See, here’s the thing.  I thought it was “too good” to use, to put on the wall and risk it fading.  But seeing this picture this morning I realise that it’s a waste of beauty to NOT be showcasing this awesome piece of art.  So, as I sort through that cupboard and find that little box, I am going to take out my altered puzzles, put them in a nice deep frame, and enjoy them.  Every time I look at them I will remember the fun we had waiting for the next puzzle to arrive, hoping the recipient would like what you did, and mugging the postie when we knew our finished puzzles were coming back.  This was made with love by some of my favourite people.

What are you hiding away in a box because it’s “too good” you’re “saving it for a special occasion”?  Every day is a gift, so let’s dust off those boxes and enjoy the good things in life!


2 thoughts on “But what does it “do”?

  1. This reminds me of a story of my own… when I was a little girl one year from Santa I received a dolls pram… it was very hippy with colourful floral prints on the hood and big white wheels. My Mum thought it was so precious that it should stay in one spot in my room. So for it’s whole life it sat in that corner and I would put my doll in and out of it. You see if I took it outside the wheels would get worn and dirty and if I pushed it around inside I would put lines in her plush carpet… I’m serious, it was used as a cot not a pram, even though I wanted to push it around. Consequently as an adult I am not precious with too many things, if I love them I use them… and I have timber floor boards and no carpet in my house, lol.

  2. I don’t know where to start! I love that you decided to frame and enjoy your artwork. I’m glad that was your eventual response to your husband’s question. If my husband asked me a similar question, it would instead engender a round of the guilts where I would question how worthwhile all my activity had been, to create something that ultimately did nothing. Well, nothing useful.

    I have an almost paralysing fear of creating stuff that is just going to sit there and take up space. That seems ironic when you consider that I have an incredibly cluttered house full of stuff, but there is a part of me that doesn’t want to add to it. I see some beautiful off the page projects in magazines and sometimes they’re practical, but sometimes I wonder “What do you do with it when you’re done?” It just becomes stuff that you hold on to.

    This is the kind of question that keeps me up at night. Well, not really. But I do ponder it in the daytime with startling regularity.

    And if it comes to having “precious” stuff that doesn’t get used…I have to confess to being like this about my good china. *sigh*

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