Vampires Suck!

Vampire stamp by Etc. Anime

There was a LOT of excitement in our house when Scrap It TV went to air last night.  See this awesome vampire stamp?  Well … my Miss K drew that!  I was pretty floored the first time I saw it, and decided to give her teeny tiny business a boost by using her stamp in one of my project segments.  Who would guess that a girl barely into her teens drew that?

It took a while for me to find a caption for this card.  I asked my Facebook friends and they came up with some great ideas (though most of them I couldn’t use on a family show LOL).  One of them was “Vampires Suck”.  Yesterday I got to thinking about that phrase again, and I realised that we all have vampires in our lives.  People who suck the joy out of special occasions, people who suck the energy right out of you with their negativity, and people who suck the money right out of your purse as a consequence of their poor decisions and money skills.  More than ever we should be avoiding these every day vampires, because we deserve to feel the joy of success without them dragging us down and sucking the life out of us.  The beauty of being the amazing women that we are is this … you can’t choose your reaction, but you can choose your action.  You don’t have to join in the negative conversation.  You don’t have to stay and listen even … you can walk away or hang up the phone or change the subject.  Be incessantly cheerful, and do it for you!


5 thoughts on “Vampires Suck!

  1. Wow! Your daughter drew this?? I watched the video where you did paper piecing using this image and it was awesome. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?

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