Decluttering the microwave shelf

The up-high dumping ground no more

When we moved into our home there were only 2 jobs to do … put a deadlock on the garage door, and put up a shelf for the microwave in our little kitchen.  Over the last couple of years that shelf has been an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ dumping ground for all sorts of things … bottles, cards, seed packets … but no more!  It seriously took me less than 15 minutes to take everything off the shelf, wipe it down, find places for the “stuff” (much of which went in the bin!), and get it looking good again.  There even empty space on the shelf … amazing!

It was so darn easy, and quick … so why had I been putting it off for so long?

How about you?  Do you have a microwave shelf that could use a quick wipe and declutter?  If so, go do it now … 10 minutes and you’ll not have to worry if anything nasty is lurking beneath the microwave!

Today I am joining Delightful Order in her Thursday Party!


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