Out of chaos I will bring order

My lovely friend, Miss Pink, is often caught with the notion that she will reorganise her craft space or a child’s room, and assures me that in between those ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots there is CHAOS!  Having recently completed a rather large renovation to our home, I’ve been living in chaos for 6 months (thank you summer rain!) … so I totally get this.  However, I have decided that I am tired of the chaos, and it’s time that it should be gone.  So I nutted out a little plan, then I made a fun schedule for the blog and I would like to welcome you (with fanfare *ta -daaaaaa*) … to Show & Tell Monday!  Each Monday here at Cake & Enemy you will find a little (or possibly big) declutter project I’ve been working on.  It might be a cupboard, a shelf, a corner, a nook or (if I can muster the energy) a whole room!  This week I have the cabinets in my very own bathroom in my sights, so be sure to come back next Monday and see how I tackled them!  I have other fun subjects for other days of the week, so check in tomorrow to see what Tuesday holds 😀


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