A penny saved …

Creativity is a beast that must be fed.  Sometime it demands money, sometimes it begs for more time, and it always wants attention.  But being creative doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget, and sometimes you can save money in other areas (like groceries) by some very clever planning and keeping an eagle eye out for great buys. We went through a phase of  being “between jobs” for 3 months last year, and WOW … was that a learning curve.  But guess what … I fed our family of 4 on $50 a week, paid all my bills and managed with close to zero income because I was clever with my dollars.  So … more fanfare *ta-daaaaaaa* as I introduce Thrifty Thursday!  Tune in next Thursday for some ideas on ways you can be clever with your $$.


2 thoughts on “A penny saved …

  1. Love this idea, particularly in terms of crafting. I’ve actually made a pact with myself that I will not buy any new craft supplies this year and will use up what I already own. The one deviation from this that I will allow myself is if I’ve been given birthday money or a voucher or something. Because then I’m spending someone else’s money, not my own! I wondering how creative I’m going to have gotten by the end of the year if I start running out of anything and have to look for alternatives…

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