Show & Tell Monday – Bathroom Cabinets

A few months ago we finished a huge renovation which included a lovely new bathroom, and since then, no-one has been using the old bathroom!  One day I found there was nothing to clean in the shower, but I had to dust the bathroom!  I decided it was time to claim it as my own, with its lovely big wall cabinet and retro purple & white mosaic floor tiles (and a bath!).  First step was to give it a good clean, and this week I had the cabinets in my sights!  Above you can see the wall cabinet (usually hidden away behind mirrored doors), and while it may not look very different, I did manage to group like things together (like skincare, bandages, sunscreen, etc).  I did also throw quite a few old and empty bottles & jars away.

Next was the under-sink cabinet.  This one wasn’t too bad, as I had given it a bit of a clean-out about 6 months ago.  But I did find more empty bottles and old things that just needed to go, and again I put like things together.  Now hubby can very easily locate his stuff on the bottom shelf, and leave my nicely organised lady things on the top shelf alone!

What a full bin!

This was the result … that bin is absolutely full to overflowing!  I found jars of cream that were solid, empty bottles and sunscreen that had expired years ago.  There was one “science experiment” that was disposed of with gloves *ewwwwww*!  This clearly is a job that needs attending to on an annual basis at least.  Because it’s really only me using this bathroom, things should stay put for quite some time, but if you have little people using bits & bobs in your bathroom, perhaps you might do well to get some baskets or small tubs from the local dollar shop, and put your bandages & bandaids in one (with the dettol & bettadine), cosmetics in one, dental products in another … etc.  You could also make some simple tags with pictures so it’s clear what’s in each basket.  It may also require a quick tidy every few months to keep it nice.

So … when’s the last time you really looked in your bathroom cupboards?  I would love to see your before & after photos over on the Facebook page.  Check those dates and throw out expired stuff, empty bottles and science experiments!  Give it a quick wipe down and put the important stuff back in, and breathe a sigh of relief that you’ll be able to find what you need next time you need it!  Then I suggest a bubble bath reward 😉


4 thoughts on “Show & Tell Monday – Bathroom Cabinets

  1. Looks fabulous! I did mine about 2 months ago and it was such a good feeling to declutter… Last week I hit the cupboards above the fridge in the kitchen which is where I keep up high all the medications, cough medicines, panadol etc. I have a very large bag in my car that is head Ooh Im excited for you! When will you find out who wins? ed to the chemist for disposal. I could suggest that anything that might be in the bathroom cabinet that is medicine or tablets, bundle up and take to the chemist to dispose of, just so nothing in the rubbish might end up in the wrong hands!


    the chemist fir disposal

    • I keep my medications in a high cupboard in the kitchen. I’ll add that one to the list, as they need some serious organising!!! Definately a good idea to take expired prescriptions to the chemist as they are happy to dispose of them.

  2. My bathroom cupboards definitely need an overhaul! Question time: where do you keep your bathroom cleaning supplies? I think that is some of what is taking up space under my bathroom sink. That and a few items we bought in bulk at Costco. That is my only issue with bulk buying. Finding storage room!

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