Get your Craft On – Sorting by Colour

I’m a papercrafter, and that means EMBELLISHMENTS!  Oh, I love embellishments so much 😀  I had a container full of eyelets, a container full of buttons, one with flowers, one with ribbons … fibres … teeny tiny safety pins … staples … charms … yeah, lots of stuff.  So when I was making a scrapbooking layout or a card, I would dig through each box, which made a mess and took forever.  Then one day I had a lightbulb moment.  I work by colour, not by product!

So, I went down to The Reject Shop and bought these cool 5L containers with lids for $2 each (a $20 investment).  I also found 4 other small boxes I already had hanging around the house which house Christmas, Swaps, Multicolour and Other (school, zoo, Easter, etc).  I made some 4″ x 3″ labels using some of my digital scrapbooking kits, printed them as photos (6c each), trimmed them down and stuck them on the boxes with double sided tape.  I also invested in a pack of 100 snaplockbags, and the sorting began.

I laid out the boxes on the floor around my desk, grabbed my box of eyelets, and started sorting.  All the red eyelets went into a snaplock bag, then into the red tub … and on I went with blue, silver, green … and then I had to stop for some reason.  But the next day I continued with other boxes … buttons were all bagged by colour and put into their colour tub.  Then the brads, the flowers, the ribbons … it was great!  I had a pile of empty containers piling up on my desk and the colour tubs were looking really pretty!

By the time I was done a quick count showed that I had enough containers that I could put one in each box.  Yay!  Then I was able to empty the little baggies of eyelets into one compartment, brads in another, buttons in another … and before I knew it, all the tiny stuff was safely stored away.

I did this sorting a couple of years ago, and I am still in love with this system.  I have also given the same treatment to my fabrics, which are soooooo much easier to find and use now they’re in colour coded tubs!

I love this system so much that I drove all the way to Cowra (that’s 6 hours drive!) to help my awesome friend Linda sort out her papercraft room so she could find her crafting mojo again!  Don’t you just love her before & after desk shot!?  Her clever hubby built that great space-saving shelf for her.

So … do you work by colour for your favourite craft?  Would sorting your supplies by colour be helpful?  Today I am launching my little shop, and you can buy yourself a set of colour labels, printed and trimmed and posted to you for $5!  You can buy them HERE.


One thought on “Get your Craft On – Sorting by Colour

  1. I used to have all my cardstock sorted by colour. It never occurred to me to do it to my embellishments. They are all sorted by type at the moment. Actually, that’s not really true. They are sorted by… *stops and thinks* Could I even say that they’re really sorted? They’re kind of all over the place. Hmmm, I will have to give this some serious thought.

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