Foodie Friday – Cookies

There is nothing like homemade baked goods *bliss*.  Maybe not good for the waistline, but usually good for the hip pocket, and you always know what’s in them!  I had seen this recipe floating around the internet for a while, and passed it off as too simplistic to possibly be true.  The claim was that you could get up to 120 cookies for under $5.  Last year we hit a rough financial patch and spent 3 months without income.  I had to get clever, not only with money, but also with food.  It was about this time that I came across this recipe again and decided to give it a go.  I had everything in the pantry, so it wasn’t going to cost me anything.  This is the first batch I ever made, and I was really impressed.  Obviously the smaller you make them, the more you get from a batch.  Also, I’m warning you now … do not taste the raw cookie dough … it’s like cookie crack!  So, now you’ve been warned, here is the recipe:

500g Butter (or margerine or nuttelex if you prefer) … soft.

1 tin sweetened condensed milk

1 cup sugar

5 cups self raising flour

Cream the butter & sugar. Mix in condensed milk then sifted flour. You are now at the fun part … you get to add different flavours & bits to the cookies!  You can split the dough into 5-6 (or more) portions and add goodies.  Some ideas include choc chips, crushed cornflakes, milo, cinnamon sugar, 100s & 1000s (sprinkles), sultanas, coconut, jam (roll dough into a ball, press a dent with your finger, add jam or lemon curd), peanut butter, a choc bud or freckle or jube pressed into the centre … there’s little limit to what you can add to these!  Then you bake at 180 celcius (or 160 fan forced) for 10-15 minutes.  Keep an eye on the first batch and then you’ll know how long to leave them for.  You can store the cookies in an airtight container (if they last that long) or freeze them.

I often make dough logs and wrap them in cling wrap, then store them in my lovely long Arctic Tupperware containers. I love being able to take a couple of dough logs out of the freezer, leave them for about 15 minutes and then cut them into rounds.  I lay them out on my big cookie sheets on top of the oven while it’s preheating, and add my favourite bits.  I’ve also been known to give big slabs of clingwrapped raw cookie dough as a gift … my sister didn’t want chocolate for Easter, so she got cookie dough!  I think she’s still using that batch LOL.

A little while ago I picked up some gorgeous cookie cutter/press sets on ebay, and these Hello Kitty cookies are cut from the same dough.  They didn’t last long!

I would love to know if you’re game to give this recipe a go.  Comment below if you have some cool cookie flavours & bits, or share a photo with us over on the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


6 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – Cookies

  1. *jaw drops* Yes! Awesomeness!! I might have mentioned somewhere else that I like to bake. I rather love sweet things. *looks at belly and thighs* *sighs* This I TOTALLY have to try. And the best thing about this is… I have about five tins of sweetened condensed milk just sitting in my pantry, waiting for me to do something with them. And as you say, the sky is the limit when it comes to add-ins. I can just keep re-inventing cookies and the kids (and hubby) should take a long time to get bored. Any clue as to where this recipe came from?

    If I manage to do this Sunday afternoon, I’ll try and get some pictures. I’m not a terribly good photographer but I have been enjoying the digital SLR that hubby got for a combination Christmas/birthday present.

  2. OK, so I’m doing the cookies now. Sunday afternoon was just far too hot to be cooking. I have a gazillion questions to refine the recipe.
    1. How long did you cream the butter and sugar for? I gave it a bit over five minutes but wasn’t sure if I was overworking the mixture.
    2. Did you use table sugar or caster sugar? I’m thinking next time round I might try caster.
    3. It was definitely only five cups of flour? There was so much mixture that I decided to mix the flour in with my hands and it was a very soft mixture. Such that I wondered how you managed to make dough logs out of it. It did firm up on standing though, so maybe that’s how it worked for you. *shrugs*
    4. Have you ever added cocoa? If so, did you reduce the amount of flour you added by the volume of cocoa added? It’s quite a short mixture though, and I’m wondering if the cocoa would make it taste too bitter with that much butter in it.

    I’ve done a tray with jam, a tray with sprinkles and a tray with lemon curd so far. I’m going to try some fruit mince and see how that goes.

    • Renae, I don’t usually cream the butter & sugar for very long, just enough to get them well combined. I use table sugar, and definately only 5 cups of flour. My mixture is really thick by the time I’m mixing in that last cup of flour, so I’m thinking it may be that you worked the butter & sugar so well in the beginning that it was soft. If you pop it in the fridge for a while, the butter will get harder. I haven’t added cocao yet, but I know that people do. I would just add it as well as the flour. I have kneaded in some milo, and that made great chocolately biscuits.

      • Thank you! I’d had my butter sitting out for a while, so maybe it was a bit on the soft side even before I creamed it with the sugar (for far too long it would appear.) Milo sounds like a fun option. I’ll definitely have to try this recipe again. I’m looking forward to being able to knead the dough. Mine was definitely not firm enough for kneading which is why I didn’t try to put anything through the mixture. Everything I did got put on top. I did take a couple of instagram pictures of my bikkies and put them onto facebook and tagged you in a comment as I don’t know how to put a picture up on someone else’s page.

      • I’ve worked out one of the reasons why you make dough logs. So that you don’t bake all the mixture at once. Now your reasoning is probably thrift. My reasoning would be because having so many cookies sitting there was just too much temptation for this little black duck. I don’t know that the raw dough is my cookie crack so much as the actual cookies themselves. Yum. Yum! YUM!! The last four got finished off yesterday (thankfully by the kids). What is that? About a week to demolish over seventy cookies? I think my husband had about one. The rest was the kids and me. It was supposed to just be the kids!

        And let me just say, the fruit mince ones were divinity. I already have mental plans for my next batch.

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