Sweetest 16 of all

Today is a very special day.  On this day, 16 years ago, I married the most handsome, funny and tolerant man on earth!  This is me, arriving late in a beautifully restored red vintage car in my red dress, with red roses and red underskirt … you can’t get more romantic than that, right?
I was talking to Miss K about weddings the other day, and she wanted to know how much a wedding costs.  In my days as a wedding consultant (18-ish years ago) the cost of the average wedding was $27,000, and 5 years later, when I gave it away due to the exhaustion of motherhood, the average cost had risen to $40,000 due to the hugely extravagant multicultural weddings of the late 90’s.  I managed to get my beautiful wedding done for around $10,000 by enlisting my sister to make the bridesmaids dresses, making my own invitations & stationery, paying for car hire with a nice bottle of scotch, and being clever about my purchases.  Oh, and that included our honeymoon!  There are so many ways that you can have a beautiful wedding without an enormous cost.  There’s no rule that says you have to have a super expensive wedding dress, or a 3 course banquet at a large function hall, or even get married in a church.  Some of my favourite weddings have been the unconventional, like the friend who borrowed a dress, made her own bouquets and enlisted me to take her photos, and had no reception at all.  Or the friends who married in lovely summery clothes in beautiful gardens, with a picnic reception.  Or my sister who cleverly enlisted a university lecturer to take her photos and made her own bridesmaids gowns (she’s really good at that!) and married in her in-laws stunning garden with a finger food reception on the spot.  There are a billion ideas over on Pintrest, but here is the core thing you need to know about weddings.  You will either spend time, or money … and you have to decide whether the time you spend making your own invitations is worth the money you’re saving by having someone else do them.

Meanwhile, happy anniversary Mr D … you still make me laugh until I can’t see straight!


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