Show & Tell Monday – Front room

This is a triumph I thought I would never experience … one of my fave declutter jobs yet!  With our recent renovations many room in our home have been switched around.  My old study is now the dining room.  This room used to be the dining room and sewing room, and now it is my study and workout area, with loads of natural light.  After we moved the dining table and my sewing stuff into the studio, this is pretty much what it looked like.  A dumping ground for all the stuff that didn’t fit.  It was driving my hubby spare!

He did move a couple of the bigger pieces of furniture down to the garage, but it was still a ridiculous mess.  So last week I got stuck in and moved the treadmill to it’s permanent spot, then hauled the rest of the stuff into the garage, sorting as I went.  Some important papers were found and filed, some stuff was thrown away, and supplies for my current design work were stashed out of sight, but easy to access.

This is the end result.  I can now work and work-out without being surrounded by teetering piles of clutter!  Sure, the garage is going to be a mammoth task, but having a tidy house is worth it!  The consequences of cleaning this room have been remarkable.  I use my treadmill almost every day because it is easy to access and I have a great view.  I become instantly conscious when my desk is too messy because it really sticks out among the neatness of the rest of this room … so I clean it.  Best of all, hubby said it was the best present I ever made for him!  This is a room where I can easily rest my eyes, and I’m really excited to make the rest of the house this streamlined!

Do you have a treadmill you never use because it’s too much of a hassle to set it up?  Do you have files that could be put into archive boxes for storage, or simply thrown out?  Pick that one little room in your house that is easiest to declutter, and have a go at that.  Set your timer and work in 20 minute bursts.  The satisfaction is incredibly addictive, and you will want more … it makes you feel amazing!!!  If you have a go at decluttering I would love to see pics over at the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


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