Get your Craft On – Surprising Teacher

A couple of years ago I wanted to learn how to crochet.  My Mum is an amazing crocheter, but not only is she left handed, but she is lightening fast … and I couldn’t wrap my head around reversing it for my own right handedness, or keep up!  Every time we just ended up frustrated.  So … enter YouTube!  One day I bought a $2 ball of acrylic wool and a 4mm crochet hook from Spotlight and settled in at the computer.  I was desperate to crochet an amigurumi toy, which meant crocheting in the round.  So, I went to and typed in ‘how to crochet amigurumi’, and found dozens of tutorials.  I just clicked on the first one, which was showing how to crochet a simple ball.  I watched it several times, then I started to crochet along, pausing when I couldn’t keep up.  When it got to the end, I unpulled what I’d done, and started again.  I think I did that about a dozen times (maybe more), but I learned it.  I used YouTube to learn new stitches when I came across them in patterns, and within days I was making the toy I set out to make … a crochet seahorse!

This is the first crochet pattern I ever bought from Etsy (click on the photo to go to the store), and I have since made several of them (I have one under construction right now!).  My first attempt wasn’t perfect, but my 2nd attempt was much better and I gave it to my Mum.  She loves seahorses and she was pretty impressed that I’d managed to teach myself to crochet.  Less than a year later I co-wrote a crochet pattern book with my Mum for Milford Threads, and now I am designing patterns for DMC!

See … here’s the thing.  Some people can learn from a book.  Words and diagrams work for them.  But other people really need a visual learning experience.  If that’s you, then YouTube is your new best friend!  You can learn how to crochet, how to knit, how to dye hair, how to tile a wall or how to lay bricks!  Do some research before you dive in, and watch as many videos you can on the subject, but how amazing is it that we can have such a tool available to us, and all for free!

Is there something you have learned from YouTube, or something you want to learn?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.  If you want to share a pic of a creation you made with some YouTube assistance, head on over to the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


One thought on “Get your Craft On – Surprising Teacher

  1. Crochet and knitting are on my ‘to learn’ list. I tried to learn to knit as a kid but could never get the hang of casting on and off, never mind anything more complicated. But thank you for that light bulb moment. I’ve looked at heaps of papercraft stuff on youtube but never thought to go on there for something like crochet. I wonder if I can find a how-to for embroidery stitches? Those diagrams in the books just don’t mean anything to me!

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