Thrifty Thursday – A Croissant Tale

I want to share with you a little story about a croissant.  A little while ago I was talking to a friend who was waxing lyrical about their morning ham & cheese croissant.  I stopped her mid croissant-rave and asked her “How much does that cost you a year?”.  She had no idea.  So we did a little math.  One ham & cheese croissant is $3.20.  Buying one every morning on her way to work costs her 5 x $3.20 = $16.  One month supply of croissants costs her $64.  Let’s assume she takes 4 weeks annual leave and is croissant-free on those days … that leaves us with 11 months worth of croissants = $704.  We were both shocked.  Who in their right mind would decide one day  “I’m going to spend $704 on pastries this year.”?  Nobody I’ve ever met!  Was it enough of a shock to give up the croissants … not quite.  But here’s the thing.  She doesn’t have to!  She can enjoy ham & cheese croissants for a lot less if she buys the components and makes them herself.

Even if you buy the pre-sliced vintage cheese from Aldi at $3.99 for 12 slices, that’s 33c per slice.  100g of shaved ham will do you for the week at $1.70,  ok … round it out to a little more for a good packed croissant at $2, that’s 40c per croissant.  Regular priced large croissants in the bakery section are $4 for 3, but if you’re clever and watch the specials (and the use-by dates on the packs, or use your freezer), you can get them for $2.50.  That’s 83c per croissant!  Put that all together and you are paying $1.56 for your morning ham & cheese croissant that you can heat in the microwave when you get to work.  That’s a saving of $1.64 a day, a total of $360.80 a year!!

The thing is … that’s just one thing that people buy every day.  Imagine the cost of a coffee at $3.50 per day … that’s $770 per year.  Heaven help you if you’re paying $8 for lunch every day … that’s another $1,760 per year!  It adds up, and it’s a massive total.  Could you imagine what would happen if you just made yourself a coffee when you got to work, took your own breakfast, snacks and lunch.  The money you save every year could be extraordinary, and it could be better spent on a holiday, used to top up the mortgage, pay off a credit card or loan, or just spent on things that truly make you happy.  That said … if that coffee really does make you happy every day, who am I to deny you that happiness?  But if you want your coffee and savings too, maybe order the next size down and see if it still makes you happy and puts change in your pocket.  Or maybe cut down to every second day, or from 2-3 to just 1 a day.  Still happy, but richer too!

Are you game to add up that little something you buy every day to see what it’s really costing you per year?  And are you game to share it in the comments below or over at the Cake & Enemy Facebook page?  I hope so, because I love me a good example of spending vs saving!


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