Time Saver Tuesday – Blu Tac & Pens

I love Blu-Tack … and pens … and notepads.  In fact, I love them together.  This little number is inside my pantry door.  When I use the last of something in the kitchen I jot it down here and can refer to this list when I need to shop.  I also have the Aldi opening hours, and above is the school canteen list.  Having a pen here is also handy on the odd occasion when I need to make a lunch order.

This is my treadmill, and another pen & notebook is Blu-Tack’d to the control panel.  This way I can jot down the date, the speed and time I spend each day.  It’s been great to see myself improving … and I never forget, because everything I need is right there.  I have this set up in rooms all over my house … bedside table, order packing station, laundry, my craft cupboards and, of course, the telephone!

Have a think about it … how often do you go to jot down an idea, a message or dash off a quick note for school, but can’t find a pen or paper?  It happened to me far too often.  Pens & notepads just sitting next to the phone still go missing, but the minute I Blu-Tacked those suckers to a wall or cupboard or shelf, they never walk again!  I always have loose pens in the desk drawer, because sometimes the kids need to replace one in their school pencil case.  This is one of my favourite time savers.  I no longer have to dash about looking for a pen and hoping no-one will mind if I write a phone number on their school report or certificate.  When something pops into my mind (eg. “I really should get more basil before we run out”) … I can write it down immediately, and in the right place.  No point saving time writing something down if you can’t find it, right?!

So … when you’re visiting the dollar shop or supermarket (I got my bounty in KMart for super cheap!), grab a pack of Blu-Tak, a pack of pens and a pack of paper pads.  When you get home, put them where you think you’ll need them.  I would love to know if you do this … and do your Blu-Tack’d pens stay where they are?  Let me know in the comments below, or over on the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


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