Thrifty Thursday – Best links EVER!

I am a big fan of working within a budget … for pretty much everything.  The thrill of a discount or a bargain can’t be described!  There are times when I am thrifty because I want the challenge, sometimes it’s just habit, and other times it is an absolute necessity (my least favourite!).  So what I have for you today are the 2 Aussie/NZ websites that will help you save money in ways you never dreamed was possible, consequently helping you cut down debts and stress. … you have have seen it on A Current Affair.  My mother recently bought their book, and she can’t stop raving about it!  I signed up to this website and I get newsletters full of great money saving tips, recipes and links to other thrifty blogs.  You can contribute your own ideas and help other members with conundrums they might be facing. .  This is the first budget-busting website I found, and while I don’t have membership, I still receive insightful weekly newsletters with tips, ideas, recipes and encouragement.  Their $21 challenge is amazing, for those weeks when you desperately need extra cash.  Many local libraries carry a copy of this book, so you can try it out before investing in a copy for yourself.

Now, sometimes I have thrifty ideas of my own, and I’m happy to share them with anyone who will listen.  But in this case, there is no point reinventing the wheel.  These websites are PACKED with incredible money saving tips.  Some on a large scale, some on a small scale, from cooking & vege gardens to shopping & mortgages.  If you have a debt (or 2 or 3) that you would like to clear, be they big or small … you will surely find something here that will appeal to you.  We went through 3 months of unemployment last year, and it was tough with close to zero income.  I could have panicked or become depressed or any number of other responses, but when it comes down to it, that just wouldn’t have helped at all.  Instead I chose to take it on as a challenge.  I utilised tips from both of these websites and we made it through those tough months on $50 a week for groceries, and still paid all the bills.  It was hard, but in hindsight I wouldn’t change it.  It’s like the saying goes ‘Women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water’.  I was stronger and cleverer than I thought.

Could you use some extra $$ in your pocket?  Have you ever used tips from either of these websites?  Are tough times more like panic stations, or bring-on-the-challenge times for you?  Feel free to share in the comments below or over at the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


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