Foodie Friday – Pizza

Pizza has always been a favourite food of mine, and I’d wager it’s a favourite in a few other households as well.  We rarely had shop bought pizza when I was a kid, always some tomato paste, spam and grated cheese on lebanese bread.  One day I went to a Bessemer party and bought a 6L dutch oven, mostly because I was struck with the way she was able to make pizza on the stove top!  Sure, we used to head to Eagle Boys every few weeks when I hadn’t planned dinner, but then I found it.  The perfect pizza dough recipe.  It took less time to make than it took to drive down to the pizza shop,and so that’s what we have now all the time.  We did stray once and go back to the pizza shop, but the disasterous gastronomic results remain legendary in our house, and we’ve never bought takeaway pizza since!

I recently discovered that you can freeze this dough.  A word of warning, though.  Let the dough sit and rise, punch it down and then wrap in cling wrap.  If you don’t let it rise first, and just wrap & freeze, it will go all hulk-like on you by doubling in size and bursting its way out of it’s cling wrap & tupperware!!!  It rolls out best at room temperature, so I put the dough in the fridge the night before I want to use it, then take it out of the fridge a few hours before I’m going to use it (or use the good old microwave to warm it through).  I also make up pizza topping packs in my Tupperware Antarctic deep squares that include 1/3 stick of cabanossi (sliced thinly), 200g diced bacon or ham, a handful of salami and sometimes a little baggie of cooked onion or some cooked chicken.  Fresh ingredients I like to use include tomato, mushrooms, fetta, and herbs.  I use a mixture of grated tasty and mozerella  cheeses.  You can put any toppings you like on your pizza!

So … whether it’s meatlovers pizza and footy, or fresh herb pizza and a family picnic, I hope you enjoy this pizza recipe.  If you try it, love it, tweak it … whatever … I’d love to hear about it in the comments below or over on the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.





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