Show & Tell Monday – Launch Pad

No … there’s no rocket ship here, but this is just inside my front door, and where I find what I need to get out of the house.  It had turned into a bit of a dumping ground lately, and now that I have clients coming to my home more and more, I wanted to improve the way it looks.  I actually have big plans for this area, but right now, this is where the board games, puzzles and car keys live 🙂

I have bagged all the old towels and pillows, which will go to the local RSPCA, there were some books to go, which are with the other books from my bookshelf cleanout.  Some went to the local Girl Guides for their 2nd hand book stall at this weekend’s election.  My handbag has a new home and the gorgeous handmade soaps I bought last weekend are in my bathroom.  This job literally took me 5 minutes!  I found a Tupperware water bottle that I had been looking for, and now when people walk into my home there is a nice clear surface and my lovely handpainted welcome sign!

So … do you have a little hot spot that collects junk inside your front door?  Can you spare 5 or 10 minutes to clear it and make it look more welcoming?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below, or over at the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


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