Get your Craft on – Supply Treasure Hunt!

Do you have a special part of the house where you pursue your favourite craft?  It might be the dining table, a small cupboard or an entire room.  Regardless of how big or small your space is, you probably have your supplies stored in some kind of tub, or box or shelves.  Am I right?  Have a little think.  How long has it been since you really looked through your supplies?  Have you been shopping and just jamming the bag of new goodies into the cupboard to “put away properly later”?  Clearly by this photo, I have!

If you’re a papercrafter, have you been picking up cardstock and pattern paper here and there for years?  Do you remember what you have?  Is it sorted into any kind of order?

Sadly, this is my papercrafting cupboard.  I was very keen to get all the goodies moved in as soon as it was finished that I just jammed all the boxes in as best I could make them fit (kind of like papercraft tetris!), and now I have no idea where all my stuff is!!  Yes, you can see my colour coded boxes on that lower shelf, but there are other things that need sorting out.  What an enormous job!!!  …. or is it??

These are my toys.  This morning I realised that this doesn’t have to be a “job” or even hard work.  In reality this is going to be more like a treasure hunt!  Surely I will unearth papers, embellishments, stamps and more that I forgot I even had.  These things have been packed away for a whole year for our renovation.  Papercrafting is fun … so rediscovering all my goodies is going to be fun too!

So today I challenge to you get stuck into your craft supplies and have a little treasure hunt of your own.  What gems will you find?  You may find papers you no longer love … give them away or use them up with my One Sheet Wonder card templates and never want for an emergency birthday or get well card again!  I know that getting my supplies organised gives me an immediate itch to get my craft on.  How about you?  I would love to hear about your craft supply treasure hunt in the comments below or over at the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


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