Show & Tell Monday – Desk

Today is a little lesson in how we change.  This is my old desk.  If you ever saw the entire area that used to be my study you would call ‘Hoarders’ to come and film their show at my house ASAP!  I thought that I had cleaned up this desk brilliantly.  See the tiny empty section of shelf up the top right?  That was like GOLD, and it took me over an hour to do this.

But we change, times change, and things change.  This enormous desk had to be removed from my old study when we were doing renovations, and there simply was nowhere else in the house that it would fit.  So, I swapped my sister … my big desk for her small desk. Everything on it and in it was packed into boxes and placed in the garage last year and the desk was hauled away.  A few months ago my new desk arrived and was installed in the new study area which is in full view of the main living area, not tucked away around a corner where it can be more easily ignored.  The space changed, the way I use my desk has changed, and my attitude to decluttering has changed.  I have switched from “but it’s still good” or “I might need that one day” mentality to “If I don’t need it, love it or use it, then it has to go” mentality.  I feel happier, hubby is definately happier (he’ll be ecstatic when I’m completely finished!) and there’s less “stuff” to maintain, which frees up more time than I’d realised.

What does your desk say about you?  Clearly this one was saying “Help me, I’m overwhelmed with stuff”.  My new desk says “I’m working”.  Is it time to change the way you do things?  I’d love to hear about your desk or changes in the comments below or over at the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


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