Time Saver Tuesday – Launch Pad

The ‘Launch Pad’ is what I like to call the area where I can organise all my stuff so that I don’t leave the house and forget something!  Instant time saver right there, people!!  How many times have you had to hunt for your keys?  How much time did that take?  It’s probably a safe bet to say that it made you late to wherever you were going.  As you can see here I keep my keys in a cute little bowl I bought at a handmade craft market some years ago.  I also have a bag of corks here that need to go to the girl guides, some books that must be returned, my Avon catalogue ready to be put out on the date it’s being picked up (I wrote that in my diary), and some mail that needs to go ‘return to sender’.  Now, when I am going out and about I can take them with me, rather than kick myself that I forgot them!

What you see here is a clever idea I had.  I picked up a small scrapbooking tote at Spotlight a couple of years ago when it was on clearance.  I like to keep things that I might need sometimes in this caddy.  There is my ‘lending book’ (where I keep track of things I’ve loaned to people), a fluro vest that needs returning, discount vouchers when I print photos, sunglasses, 3d glasses, garage remote, and a bunch of other things crammed into all the pockets around the outside.  I have known some people to just keep all their handbag goodies in one of these (like wallet, mobile, lipstick, secret ladies business, sunglasses, etc) and just put the whole caddy from one handbag into the other!  What a great time saver for 2 reasons.  1) You’re not spending time transfering stuff from one handbag to another (or at risk of leaving your bankbook in your other purse on a day when you need it!). 2) You’re not hunting around in your handbag to find your wallet, lipstick or noisily ringing mobile phone because everything is in it’s own pocket and you can find it instantly!

So … do you have a space near your front door or your garage door where you can set up a little launch pad?  Check it each night and make sure everything you need for the next day is right there, and that’s one less thing to worry about in the morning.  So … do have a launch pad or something similar?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below or over at the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


One thought on “Time Saver Tuesday – Launch Pad

  1. Yes! My launch pad is a lovely old wooden box on our hallway cupboard (labeled ‘BBQ items’) that is always completely stuffed-to-overflowing with things to return to people, library books, tissues, water bottles, sun-screen, presents, buttons… Ahem, think it may need a clean-out…

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