Show & Tell Monday – Pantry, take 2

Remember a few weeks ago I was so proud of my 2nd pantry that I had just re-organised?  Well … I needed more space in there, as I am  now using an electric frying pan while my dodgy hotplate is still … well … dodgy! LOL  I had been leaving the frying pan on the stove top, but I really hate that great big bump on the kitchen landscape.  SO … a few weeks ago I had joined Howards Storage World’s VIP list in order to enter a competition (I could use a family holiday to Fiji!), and they gave me a $20 voucher to spend in store!  So, I went and picked up a great drawer storage set for free, and while I was there I spied something that might be suitable to create more space in this pantry.  The lady in the shop helped me with measurements and I was thrilled to find that they would fit!.  I planned to go this week and buy some … but, then I received an email invitation to a special VIP night last week, and if I sent my RSVP I would receive a $10 voucher on the night.  That was one free container that I was going to buy anyway, so I RSVP’d yes, and turned up with my notes & measurements.

Not only did I receive my $10 voucher, but I was handed a lovely cold drink and a goodie bag which had easily $80 worth of product in there (and the bag is pretty nice too!).  I bought my containers and started sorting as soon as I got home.

Ta-daaaaaaa!  I did not remove anything from these shelves, just put them in these awesome storage containers!  the large ones were $9.95, and the smaller one (which holds 1L tetra pakcs PEFECTLY) was $7.95.  I have 4 large and 1 small and now I’m trying to find other places in the house where I can maximise my shelf space with these amazing containers!

Are you a Howards Storage World VIP member?  Have you ever picked up great stuff for free from one of these programs?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below or over at the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


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