It’s time saver Tuesday, and this is a blog that you just MUST take a look at. I found One Equals Two (1=2) via Super Food Ideas magazine, and she is absolutely spot on! Why cook twice when you can turn one basic batch into two fabulous meals. Read on and enjoy one of my favourite offerings from this blog, and consider batch cooking for yourself 🙂

one equals two

[Recipe 1] BEEF and GUINNESS STEW transforms into
Happy Fathers Day for tomorrow daddy readers! Beef and Guinness stew is the ultimate manly feast. It makes blokes positively thump the table in appreciation. We have a pot of it waiting in the fridge for dinner tomorrow night as the husband will be wanting to reclaim his manliness after spending the day at Anakie Fairy Park.
This stew is a cinch to whip up and it’s a definite plate-licker – my 5-year old adores it. The only time-consuming bit is waiting for it to cook, the longer the better.
For two meals from one, reserve half the stew and you can make a hearty Chunky beef and Guinness pie later, another certified man-pleaser.

Beef and Guinness stew with sweet potato mash[Recipe 1] Beef and Guinness stew

Ingredients (serves 4 for 2 meals):
1.75 kilos (3.8 lb) brisket or chuck steak…

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  1. Thank you SO much for the re-blog, and lovely words. It has made my day! Your blog looks fabulous. I’m at work but I’m about to sneak a peep at some of your posts. Thanks again. Saskia.

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