Generally catching up!

It’s school holidays, and for me that means being extra busy!I missed Show & Tell Monday yesterday because I am in the middle of two large projects.  While the kids are enjoying some time with their grandmother, aunt & cousins, hubby and I got stuck into the dumping ground that is our garage.  It has been 12 months since our renovations began, and this is where we dumped everything that had to get out of the way for demolition (and out of laziness since!).  This is my ‘before’ photo, but as there is a long way to go, I’ll share my ‘after’ photo with you when I’m finished.  I’m hoping for the end of the month, but it could be closer to Christmas LOL.

And yesterday afternoon (and a bit of this morning) I worked on my papercraft cupboard.  I foolishly did not take a ‘before’ shot, but you would have seen snippets of this cupboards in previous crafting posts.  I used 3 of the storage containers I bought at Howards Storage World (would have used more, but I’ve bought out all of their stock!), and utilised some empty storage boxes that have been sitting around FOREVER!  Sure, under the desk still needs to be cleared and sorted, but I’m pleased to be able to find everything now, which makes me more keen to get in their and get creative!

So, that was ‘Show & Tell Monday’ from yesterday.  As for Time Saver Tuesday … well, I’m knocking over some jobs I’ve been procrastinating on which require peace & quiet for concentration.  Oh, and I did use my awesome Tupperware steamer to poach some eggs so that I have sandwich fillings for the next 3-4 days (definately a time saver!).  I may miss a couple of days this week, but I’ll back back to usual next week (when the kiddies return to school *yay*).



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