Show & Tell meets Get Your Craft On

This is where I used to store my fabric, and clearly it was out of control!  I used to sew at the dining table, and about this time last year I was sewing from 6-15 hours per day for Christmas.  Needless to say, we didn’t eat at the table much. It was also at this time last year that we began a rather large project, known as … The Extension (or as I like to call it ‘My Studio’).  I had tentatively suggested to hubby that if I had a HUUUUUUGE wall of cupboards in the new room, I might keep all my creative supplies in there, work in there, and close the door to hide it all when I was done.  He liked the ‘hide it all’ part of that suggestion, and so the great wall of cupboards was factored in to the renovation.  The minute those shelves were put up, I had my gear in there lickity-split!

As you can see … not really a working space.  It took some time to get it a bit more sorted, putting fabric into tubs by colour and making better use of the space.  But still, it wasn’t perfect.

I have been working at this cupboard for a few months now, and just last week I found the time to really, truly get everything the way I wanted it.  There are just those 2 cream tubs full of paper patterns that need culling, but I pretty much have it all the way I like it now.  I love these 2L and 5L tubs from The Reject Shop for my fabric, and I made the colour labels in Photoshop.  I also picked up some white snap-together storage boxes at KMart (hugely marked down), and they are stored waaaaay up high where you can’t see them, holding things I don’t use quite so often.

The other thing I want to do is visit IKEA (yes, I’ll get there one day!) and get some rails to hang along the desk wall, with containers, shelves & hooks to hold up a few of the things that are taking up valuable desk real estate!  I also have some frames that need inserts put in, and will hang them inside the right door (as the left door is filled with inspirational pictures).  I’ll use one to hold order slips, and the other as a whiteboard with my ‘to do’ list & calendar.

And so, that, good people, is how Show & Tell meets Get Your Craft On.  I really looked at the way I work, and it is by colour, therefore, I sort my supplies by colour to save time when I’m working on a project.  This goes for fabric, papercraft and painting (yes … there are 2 other gargantuan cupboards like this one!).  If something isn’t working, I tweak it as I go, and sometimes I just have to stop what I’m doing and tidy up.  A clean work surface always inspires me to mess it up and make something new!  I should probably point out that this is actually my job … I am a professional crafter, so I always have something on the go, for my doll business, teaching classes or designing for a distributor or magazine article.  By having my desk inside the cupboard I love that I can leave a project out, but shut the doors for a tidy look (and to keep kitty off my paint palette!).  Now we can eat at the dining table again (unless it’s a market week, in which case it will be covered with bolts of fabric and patterns LOL).

Do you have a dedicated crafting space?  Or a clever crafting storage idea?  I would LOVE to hear about it or even see a pic over on the Cake & Enemy Facebookpage.


One thought on “Show & Tell meets Get Your Craft On

  1. I love your idea on using tubs to store the fabrics. I’ve been meaning to organize my craft supplies for almost a year now. Seems like they took on a life of their own. I wish I can start organizing before the year ends.

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