Show & Tell Monday – Freezer

Say hello to my freshly stocked freezer, with approximately 75 individual meals stacked in containers, ready to go!  How?  Why?  … well let me tell you!

The first thing I did was to throw away anything that had been in there longer than 3 months.  If there was one measly ice cream or pack of berries in a huge box, the box went in the recycling, and the individual packs went in the door shelves.

The next thing I did was to go shopping.  I bought 2kg of beef mince, 2kg of chicken breast and 2kg of chicken thigh.  I also bought mushrooms, capsicums and zucchinis, 2 packs of Fajita seasoning and 1 pack of McCormicks Mild Curry Chicken slow cooker mix.  Everything else I needed was in the fridge or pantry.

I made a quadruple batch of bolognaise sauce, and I crammed as many vegetables in as I could.  I set out some new takeaway containers and some snaplock bags, and put a generous scoop into each bag and let them cool until they stopped steaming.  Then I sealed them and put 3 bags per containers into the freezer.  Now all I need to do is cook pasta, heat sauce and there’s an instant dinner!

I made a quadruple batch of curry chicken in the slow cooker.  I also cooked up 4 cups of basmati rice.  We had that for dinner last night, and all the rest has been portioned out and stacked into the freezer.

And I prepared 4 Fajita packs.  Into those went half a kg of sliced chicken breast, sliced capsicum, onion & mushrooms, some fajita seasoning and about a teaspoon of olive oil.  They will marinate in their snaplock bags until I need them for dinner … seriously … I’ll defrost them overnight in the fridge then literally dump into a hot pan and they’ll be ready to serve up in 5 minutes!!!!  Just add wraps, lettuce, tomato, grated cheese, avocado & sour cream.  Mmmmmmm … favourite meal!

I can tell you’re still wondering why … well … I’ll tell you.  Next week I am starting a new way of cooking and eating, and it is going to involve a LOT of vegetables.  My super challenging child is not a fan of vegetables, so when she catches me making a stir fry she will complain long and LOUD about how she’s NOT GOING TO EAT IT!  There may possibly be some crying and door slamming involved as well.  SO … on those nights I will cook up some pasta, heat up some sauce and she can have her favourite bolognaise.  No fuss for me, happiness for her … and happiness for me, because I know I crammed that mixture full of secret vegetables *HA!*

Yes, it was a bit of work, but it will save me time and stress later on.  It also meant I was less included to buy all the naughty freezer food that would have taken up precious real estate in my tiny freezer.  I am definately converted to batch cooking, and I think I will do it more often!  Do you batch cook?  Have a favourite recipe that freezes well?  I would really love to hear about it in the comments below, or over at the Cake & Enemy Facebook page.


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