Show & Tell – I’m back!

I know it’s been a while, but I have had all this stuff going on, and thankfully I can share a little show & tell with you all today!

PiesRemember the big batch cooking session I had a few weeks ago?  Wellllll, the 2-3kg of vege-packed bolognaise sauce turned out to be very flavoursome, but not very saucy.  It didn’t play nicely with the pasta and I was requested not to ever do that again *le sigh*.  So, I found something else to do with it, and cracked open my brand new Tupperware pie pastry cutter!  I split the pack of 2 with Mrs CanDo, and used mine to make these adorable pies!  They were wolfed down, and more requested.  I shall be doing this again, as I have TONNES of this meat mix in my freezer!

Berry BruschettaNext … please enjoy a photo of my breakfast this morning.  No, I was not at a swanky restaurant or uber-cool cafe … I was in my kitchen!  If you haven’t heard of Michelle Bridges 12wbt (whole body transformation), then it’s just possible your domicile is beneath a stone.  It’s everywhere I look, and almost everyone I talk to knows about it or is doing it.  After seeing the amazing results some friends achieved with the program, and doing some investigation, I signed up.  I’ve enjoyed 2 weeks of amazing food, lost 4kg and received a remarkable level of support.  Nothing bad to say about it, and when my 12 weeks is up I will happily show & tell with some before & after photos 😀

I have also held a garage sale, attended my last market for 2012 with Hello Dollies, welcomed a new 2nd cousin into the world (Hi Isabelle!), filled lots of dolly orders and planned a double Christmas.  Best of all I am back at one of my favourite jobs ever … Santa’s offical photographer at my local Domayne store!  Love me some screaming kids.


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