New Years Resolutions

CopicsAs 2012 rolls to an end and 2013 looms ever closer, I’ve been giving some through to new years resolutions.  For me, 2013 is going to be about getting back to basics.  I want to declutter, clean and decorate my home so that all the “stuff” doesn’t demand so much of my time to maintain.  I want to play more, get out my stamps & copics, do some actual cardmaking, and perhaps even some scrapbooking.  I want to sew for my family as well as for my business, and I want to paint … oh how I miss painting!  I want food & meals to be easier and more nutritious.

Today is a rare school holiday treat for me.  Hubby has taken the offspring to the movies … it’s sooooo quiet.  I love to be here in my own home, all alone, with no tv or video games or music blaring through the house.  It’s my idea of bliss.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to play, so I coloured a new stamp with my copics, trying a new hair technique.  OK, it’s not quite how it was supposed to turn out, but I enjoyed it, getting ink on my hands and dabbling and playing in my papercraft cupboard (with newly installed light above my workspace!).  What will I do with this beautiful coloured image?  No idea.  Maybe she’ll become a card, or perhaps I will frame her and hang her on the wall, or maybe she’ll go inside the papercraft cupboard door so I can look at her every time I sit down to work or play.

I think my new years resolutions are pretty simple … own less, play more, eat well.  Bring on 2013!


One thought on “New Years Resolutions

  1. 2013 for me will be very similar to yours Dawn. The key words being declutter and simplify. I can add these two words to any facet of my life.
    Love life
    Time management
    Food and exercise
    Just some of the things that will be decluttered and simplified in 2013.
    We can do it if we apply ourself to the task at had, a mantra I will be taking from 2012
    JFDI !!!

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