The garage aka ‘The Pit of Despair’

catching up 1If you’ve read back on my blog you may remember this pic.  It is my garage.  As I looked at it last week a line sprang to mind from one of my all time favourite movies ‘The Princess Bride’.  My garage is the pit of despair, only there’s no albino working in it, and it has a regular door instead of a magic tree knot.  But I digress … our garage has been a version of this kind of messy since our renovation began over a year ago.  Every time we needed to make space for a new phase of renovation, it went into the garage.  Don’t know where to put that?  Oh!  … in the garage!  Yes, we had a garage sale, and I never would have managed that out with the amazing Mrs CanDo!  But a lot was left over from the garage sale, and I felt stuck.

Here’s the thing … our renovation was completed almost a year ago, and the garage has paralysed me ever since.  This week I had an epiphany.  The mess in the garage is holding me back from moving on with some amazing opportunities this year.  It’s taking up a significant amount of real estate in my head, and even when I have time to relax or an exciting new project, my mind is still occupied with “the garage”.

SO … last night, it got to about 10pm and I was exhausted, but “the garage” was weighing extra heavy on my mind.  “Stuff it” I thought to myself … and down I went, into the pit of despair!  In less than an hour I managed to wrangle all the loose stuff left over from the garage sale into empty boxes.  Everything is now packed and ready to go, and I tell you … I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long, long time!  Now all that’s left is to load it all into the car and deliver it to op shops all over town, with some books going to my Mum’s library and my nephew’s school.  I have a table of goodies that will go on Gumtree, and the tubs for keeping will be put into storage.  If I really knuckle down I will be able to drive my car into my garage by next weekend.

Procrastination is something I am very good at, and it comes from a place of perfectionism.  Have a little think about it … is there a task that you have been putting off that is taking up your headspace?  Do you find it difficult to enjoy a bit of me-time because in your mind you know you should knock over this particular task?  I regret fighting it for so long.  I wish I’d just gone in there every day and dealt with one box a day.  But my inner perfectionist thought it needed to be done perfectly all in one hit … silly inner perfectionist … she’s on notice now!


7 thoughts on “The garage aka ‘The Pit of Despair’

  1. O.M.G. You are speaking right to my soul! I am a procrastinator of long standing. And I have an inner perfectionist who also paralyses me. I also have a fairly hefty dose of phlegmatic in my personality with translates to “LAZY!”

    We have been in our house for three and a half years and the bulk of my crafting stuff got put into a corner of the garage along with a whole lot of miscellaneous boxes and stuff. My husband got another corner (which he organised fairly quickly) and the car has the rest. I have reclaimed crafting stuff from the garage in that time as I’ve wanted/needed it but the bulk of the furniture (desk and hutch, chest of drawers, corner fitting table) and a whole lot of my materials and the majority of my stamps are still out there. I want them. I need them! I’ve been putting the job off…partly because where I want to put everything has been covered in kids toys and junk (one of those rooms where you just shut the doors on the mess and walk away). To move my stuff meant not just one but TWO cleaning up jobs, something I detest with a passion.

    My birthday is coming up and on the weekend Aldi had upright freezers on sale very cheap and I said to my husband, “This is what I want for my birthday.” So I lined up on Saturday morning and got one. Of course, my husband had asked the question, “Where are we going to put it?” “In the garage,” was my blithe reply.

    So he challenged me on Saturday to start cleaning up my corner of the garage. Progress was made. Yesterday I did some work on the sun room (where my stuff is to go). He reminded me this morning to work on the garage again (yeah, duh!) I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    And I’ve been rediscovering stuff. In another one of your posts you talked about cleaning up your craft supplies and not looking on it as a chore but more as a treasure hunt. This has been just like that! Although I still can’t find my gesso…

  2. Whoops! Forgot to say that I totally relate to the notion that you can’t settle to enjoy doing something because there is this nasty guilt sitting there reminding you about that ‘thing’ you should be doing. Last night, probably because I’ve made a good start on the garage and sun room, I felt like I could give myself permission to work on my visual diary, something I’m very new to but am completely loving the freedom of.

    Also, what are the chances of us both having garage moments at the same time? Actually fairly high, by the sounds of it. There must be a whole gaggle of women out there stressing over their garages.

    On another note… Princess Bride totally ROCKS!!!

    P.S. Will you make a general announcement on here when you put your stuff up on Gumtree?

    • OK … not only is that spooky … but are you familiar with the work of Florence Littaeur? Big fan of phlegmatic/sanguine/melanchony/choleric … what are the odds? LOL

      Yes … I’m doing more photos tomorrow, so I’ll link when I list 🙂

      • We have a copy of Personality Plus on one of our bookcases. My husband already owned it when we got married.

  3. Was talking to my officer (minister) after church this morning and mentioned Florence Littaeur and she said, “Oh, Silver Boxes!” and I went, “What?” Sounds like I have some more research to do.

    • Yes, Renae … Silver Boxes is another of her books, and a wonderful book at that! I had the very great pleasure of meeting Florence Littaeur at a seminar a long time ago. She held my hand until she’d finished talking to me and signed my copy of Personality Plus, and I had the pleasure of hearing both her and hubby speak. Wonderful stuff!

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