Lucky me!

Frankensteins FabricsLately I have been hanging out at my fave new location … Frankensteins Fabrics in Gosford.  I am lucky in so many ways when it comes to this store full to the brim with inspiration and temptation.  Marni has become a friend of incredible awesomeness, and I find myself drawn to quilting for the first time in my life.  More luck came for me tonight when a random prize draw had my name on it … I see fabric in my future!!!  Last week Marni helped me knock together a rather tricky quilting technique in cushion cover form … something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but never been game to try … behold my cathedral window creation!  You can find this amazing store online …CLICK HERE.

cathedral cushion cakenemyOnly a short time later, still buzzing with excitement (and knowing that my quilting fate was sealed with that prize draw!), another notification appeared on Facebook.  It was from The Artful Business Conference.  I had entered a competition to win a virtual ticket to their event in September this year via Handmade HQ … and lo & behold … I won!  I’m pretty darn excited I can tell you!!!

abc-240-3This amazing event has some speakers whom I have been following on Facebook for years.  It is an event specifically for those whose business is of a creative nature, and I am really excited to learn as much as I can.  I am super grateful to them for choosing my entry to win a ticket.  If you have a creative business, definately check it out … CLICK HERE.  You can also check out Handmade HQ, an amazing online resource for all things handmade (formerly Mums Who Make) … CLICK HERE.

We all know these things come in threes, and I think my 3rd was the gift card that turned up in this weeks post.  It was for participating in a study, and I’d forgotten all about it LOL.  For anyone wanting to know more about being lucky … and pardon my language, because this is the name of the book, honest … check out Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas.  Seriously, this book goes onto a very short list of 3 books that changed my life.  You can find Denise’s website with loads of information, blog posts & courses … CLICK HERE.

I know this sounds really lucky, but in all 3 cases I made my own luck.  If I hadn’t entered the prize draw at Frankensteins Fabrics, I could never have won.  If I hadn’t thought hard about my written entry at Handmade HQ I could never have won the virtual ticket to ABC.  And if I hadn’t taken the time to help a university student by answering some questions I wouldn’t have a nifty little gift card.  Yes … I was lucky this week, but I also know that I am lucky every day, with a super supportive husband, daughters who amaze me at every turn, and incredible family & friends who bless me with their very presence in my life.  Yes … life is good 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lucky me!

    • One of the other books is The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. There are several books, but the original was amazing … it’s like a 12 week home course on unblocking your creativity.

      The last is Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas. That was an ebook I read just last year, which unlocked a LOT of answers I’d been seeking for decades! You can find a link to that via

      • Cool! Thanks. I’ll have to hunt down ‘The Artist’s Way’. *looks at pile of books she’s trying to read* *sighs* Sometime! I’ll have to put it on my ‘To Read’ list.

        OK…Lucky Bitch can’t be your ‘lastly’. ‘Cos you mentioned it in your original blog post. So there must be another one to round out your list of three, yes?

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