Bon Voyage … an epic holiday in the making!

Pearl reducedYes, things have been a bit quiet here, but that’s because I’ve been on a very long overdue holiday with my family!  Yes … we went on a cruise … hopped aboard the Pacific Pearl and sailed away to the islands.  We finally got to see beaches like the ones on tv, but in real life … and swim in them and laze on them!  Someone else made all the meals and did all the dishes.  Someone else made the beds and cleaned our cabin.  Someone else entertained the kids and made me a drink (just the one … seriously … $9.90 for a cocktail!)

Isle of Pines reducedWith views like this, and 4 days of island hopping, it was very easy to relax and recharge.  After 10 years with nothing more than a 2 day solo getaway at my most stressed, and a 5 day business trip, I needed this holiday sooooooooooo badly.  It gave me time to wind down, silence to think, and permission to just switch my brain off.  We realised that we need to do this more often to fortify ourselves for the everyday stuff that we both face.  I realised that I need to do this on a more regular basis so that I don’t burn out.  No internet, no phone, no work.  Yes … it was bliss.

nemo reducedSome of the islands we visited were very poor, and Noumea has changed a lot since we visited 18 years ago, more like a small city.  But there was beauty everywhere, and it gave us a chance to show the kids how lucky they are to have so much, but how you can also be happy having very little.  And yes … we found Nemo!

The upside to such a wonderful vacation is that I feel recharged and ready to tackle the rest of 2013, which is going to be a very, very awesome year.  My head feels clearer … now if I could only get my land legs back and everything would stop moving, that would be grand!


One thought on “Bon Voyage … an epic holiday in the making!

  1. Glad you had a refreshing and relaxing holiday and made it home safely. I bet you’re busy now frantically sewing up easter bunnies.

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