Get your Craft On … Try Something New continued ….

CollaborationJust yesterday I was talking about combining crafts and trying something new.  I actually listened to myself and wanted to show off my latest collaboration piece.  The little fox was drawn by my daughter, the teen brains behind Etc. Anime.  She joined me at the markets last weekend, and is now smitten with the idea of selling her work.  She’s already been drawing for 10 years and literally gets better and better every week as her style evolves, and currently she is very fond of anime, manga and chibi styles.  I asked her today to draw me a fox … 2 minutes later this was in my hands.

You see … she can draw, but painting … not so much.  I can paint, but not so great with the drawing or imagining of whimsical creatures.  So, while she was busy I prepped a canvas and after she went to bed I painted up her little fox … I hope she likes it.  Tomorrow a friend of ours is going to take her turn with the fox and create her in a different medium.  Somehow I think we’re going to have lots of little foxes on our stand in various forms at the next markets!

Can you tell that I am immensely proud of my clever girl?  She is living proof that if you encourage a child to pursue their passion they will surprise you daily 🙂


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