Get Your Craft On – Try Something New #3

RunnerThis week I have had a bit of a running theme … trying something new.  I finally took the plunge and had a proper go at patchwork/quilting.  This was my first project …a  runner for my sideboard (to cover the ugly laminate benchtop section).  It still requires wadding, backing & binding, but I’m pretty pleased with it so far.  Big thanks to Marni at Frankensteins Fabrics for helping me with the planning & the math!

Cathedral cushion 2This was today’s effort … another cathedral window cushion front.  This time I added an extra layer of fabric to show in the petal sections, and I’m quite pleased with the colour scheme.  I tried a new technique to create the cream base pieces, and while it was great to start, it was difficult to finish in sections.  It’s far from perfect, but I’m learning how to perfect the process, and my next one will be better!

When my Mum used to drag me to quilt shows as a teenager, I swore I would NEVER take up this quilting, patchwork monstrosity of a craft.  It looked like hard work, I hated the fabrics and secretly … the math terrified me.  However, now I get to hang out with some of my favourite people at Frankensteins Fabrics once a week, it’s been growing on me.  Yesterday I purchased my own cutting mat, craft ruler and rotary cutter (why would I ever use scissors again????).  I am yet to make a full size quilt, but I do believe my fate has been sealed … and Marni helps me with the math & planning LOL  She is nothing but patient and cleverly makes me figure out the hard stuff on my own.  I highly recommend a class with her, even if you’ve been sewing for 30+ years like myself, you can always learn something new from someone who’s learned it the hard way!


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