Show & Tell – Getting it done!

SAMSUNGIt’s school holidays, and usually for me that means catching up on housework, reading a book and visiting family & friends.  This time I’ve been doing a few different things … having my gorgeous niece & nephew here for their very first sleepover was top of the list!  Nobody asked to go home, no fights and they’re still talking about it … I’d call that a big Aunty win!

Very close to finished my table runner, and I’ve even done a night market at a gorgeous local preschool.  Best of all, I’m learning how to action a new project quickly, without overthinking it.  Take the lovely little doll in the photo above.  I drew up the idea a couple of weeks ago and walked away from it.  But today I had the genius idea that if I changed the feet slightly I could turn them into rollerskates!  And so my first roller derby themed doll was born this afternoon.  I have to say, it feels pretty darn good to actually finish a project the same day I start it, and I have some roller derby friends who will be critiquing her this week.

under the paper deskLast week I had a couple of hours to kill before going out for the day, so I decided that the 3 tubs of fabric under my papercrafting desk would be better living under my sewing desk.  Likewise, the 4-hole cubby under the sewing desk would be more useful under the papercrafting desk.  I was surprised at how little time it took to swap them over, and while I still have a little shuffling to do to get everything the way I like it, the use of space is much more economical.

It makes me wonder what else I could do in an hour or two?  I have one more week of holidays, and while the schedule is busy, I reckon I could do a few more cool projects, and maybe even finish them!


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