Show & Tell Monday – Tupperware cupboard

Tupperware Cupboard 1After a recent cull of unused appliances from an upper cupboard in the hall, I found myself with a lot of empty space.  Today I had a clean up of the Tupperware cupboard, and moved some of the seldom-used & larger pieces into that empty space.

It’s not that long ago that I purged the Tupperware cupboard, but it had become over-crowded, and with the girls on dishwasher duty, I was tired of showing them where things go, or not being able to find them because they were in the wrong place.  So at first glance my before & after shots may not look that different.  However, after moving the cake carrier and some large entertaining platters & bowls, I found myself with sufficient space that I was able to move my food processor and the basket of accessories into this cupboard.  The result is more bench space! Yay!

Tupperware cupboard 2Sure, I may need a step-ladder to get down the lettuce spinner & salad bowls, but as the weather is getting colder and colder, they’re not going to get a whole lot of use for another 6 months or so.

More than anything I love that all the ‘like’ pieces are together, the medium use items are in the lower corner, and a quick “tour” of the newly shuffled cupboard left Miss K well informed about where things should go when she empties the dishwasher tomorrow.  What a great sense of achievement!


2 thoughts on “Show & Tell Monday – Tupperware cupboard

  1. It took me about 18 months until I realised that all the extra blades would not get in the way if I put them all in a nice basket! I am a BIG fan of baskets! LOL

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