Show & Tell – more quilting

Aston quiltThis is my third quilt top.  I decided to keep the sock monkey quilt for myself, but this one is for one of my nieces.  Pretty sure she will like it … it’s so sweet and girly!  My favourite part is the methodical chain piecing of squares and rectangles.  My least favourite part is all the recreational maths and ironing I find myself doing! LOL  So far I haven’t used a pattern.  I’ve just seen a photo of a quilt I like, and figured it out for myself!

Mario QuiltAt some point I happened across some amazing 8-bit video game character quilts on Pinterest.  Wow!  My family are pretty hard-core gamers, from retro to modern, so they were a bit impressed that I might be able to combine this new quilting obsession with their love of video games.  I happened across this amazing blog, with all the grids drawn out, and a full tutorial.  CLICK HERE

Incredibly I have enough fabric left from the top quilt that I can make another.  Even more incredibly, I found a rather sizeable stash of plain homespun fabrics in my sewing cupboard, almost enough to make all 12 Mario squares.  Miss K loved this mushroom, but decided it would be too much work for me to make a whole quilt, and asked me to just turn this into a pillow for her.  Oh no … this mosaic style of quilting is really addictive, and I will secretly work on the entire quilt for her birthday in a few months.

Right now, though, the quilts are taking a back seat while I work on some commissions for Patchwork & Stitching magazine.  Two out of three are finished, just need to knock over the last one so I can get back to the quilts!


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