Weekend Goodies – Stitching & Baking

Z Pouch 4 CEI have one week to paint as many items as I can to deliver for sale at the Quilt & Craft Show at Darling Harbour.  Problem is … I’m not in the mood to paint wooden pieces … I’m in a fabric mood.  SO … I found this amazing tutorial at Noodlehead (CLICK HERE) and made up a prototype today of a wide mouthed zip pouch.  Absolutely in love with how great this turned out.

Z Pouch 1 CEZ Pouch 2 CEIt’s not super big, but there are instructions for larger sizes.

Z Pouch 3 CEREALLY glad that one of the local ‘clear out everyone elses end of stock items’ type of stores had 10 zippers for $1 … BARGAIN!  I’ll paint & heat set the outside panels before I stitch them up.  The question is … how many can I make by next Friday night??
138I have also been baking muffins.  I know that the tins of pie apple & berries at Aldi  has decreased in size, but I can still get away with half a tin of fruit in my muffins.  Want the recipe?  OK!  Enjoy!

Apple Berry MuffinsWhether you’re sewing, baking, cleaning, working, out & about or snuggling under a blanket reading a book … have a great weekend!


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