Friday Fun

pouches ceThere is nothing like finding the ultimate bargain AND knowing exactly what you are going to do with it!  There is a big clearance store near me called Clarksons.  Oh, lordy, but you can find some weird and wonderful things in that place!  Well, last week I wandered in to see if inspiration would strike, and it surely did.  A huge shelving unit with containers full of zippers, in all lengths & colours.  The sign read ‘Zippers … 50c each or 10 for $1’.  I had to read it twice, I just couldn’t believe my luck!

You see, a couple of weeks ago I found some gorgeous zipper pouch pics on Pinterest, and as I looked around it led me to this amazing tutorial at … CLICK HERE.  I have buckets and buckets of fabric, so I thought that they’d be great … except for the cost of the zippers!  So, the timing of this bargain find was absolutely perfect.  I made up one pouch, realised that they would be great painted, and so I started painting a whole bunch of fabric panels.

Pouches ce 1There is a purpose to all this painting and sewing and zipper madness!  Every year my painting association, the FDAA (ie, The Folk & Decorative Artists Association of Australia) has a mammoth sale at the Quilt & Craft Show, Darling Harbour, Sydney.  It is next week, and I’m trying to paint and sew as many of these as I can to be delivered in time for the show sale.  Of course, anything that comes home will hit my online store.

Now, it’s confession time.  I went back to Clarksons today to buy 20 zippers for Mrs Can-Do … and I bought another 50 for myself *baaahhahahahaaaa*.  Oh dear … at least I’ll never be bored!


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