Predator reduced ceYesterday I attended Supanova with my family.  My girls were dressed as video game characters and … oh boy! … there were some incredible costumes to be seen (as well as some really dodgy ones!).  For the uninitiated, Supanova is a pop culture event, kind of like a small Australian Comicon.  There were some big name guests including Carrie Fisher, David Hasselhoff and Oliver & James Phelps (aka The Weasley Twins) to name a few.  We didn’t lay down $40 or $80 for photos & autographs, but we got to see them in real life, which was pretty cool.

Supanova is full of businesses selling their wares or promoting their events, and then there is Artists Alley, where all sorts of artists show off their skills and sell prints (they’ll even sign them for you!).  Miss K got to meet a true idol of hers who came out from England and gifted her with a beautiful print.  That’s going in the pool room!  We also saw Matt & Sarah from Studio Scribbly (where the girls take the occasional class) and Nicola Scott, who draws for DC Comics.  Lots of great advice, and I even bought a beautiful print of a pencil drawn dragon surrounded by bunnies

The thing that really helped with a Miss K dilema this week was the statue in the photo … of Predator.  It was made entirely of bits and pieces, odds & ends, scrap metal and literally nuts & bolts.  Miss K is not enjoying art at school, because they are making an animal from old computer parts.  It’s not her cup of tea at all … but she loved this amazing statue … and here beginneth the lesson!  The skills she’s learning with her “boring computer animal” are the foundation of making incredibly sculptures like this one.  Sure … sometimes you might have to slog through a project or lesson that you don’t like, but the skills you learn whilst doing so are invaluable!  You might learn a new technique, or a life skill like patience.  The trick is to face each challenge with a positive attitude, because it’s only then that you will really learn something.


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