Oh, I am a pretty lucky duck!

Feeling GoodThere are some days when I do it tough.  My kids don’t fit into the mold of your everyday teen and pre-teen (which has it’s pros and cons), and I have a whole bunch of stuff going on that sometimes can drive me to despair!

BUT … some days I feel like I might just have a chance of getting it all together.  Like today.  Today I arose early and triumphant … I was delivering 4 magazine projects to be picked up by courier from Frankensteins Fabrics.  I was there early!  Feeling light and deadline-free I managed to do a bunch of domestic stuff, powering through it like a 50s housewife at her finest!  I took delivery of my niece & nephew for an overnight stay, and the kids are all playing nicely … bonus!  My sink is clear, there are cupcakes in the oven and I am sipping a lovely cup of tea and delighting in my progress.

It’s not just that, though … I feel a shift, a change in thinking and attitude within myself.  Today I also found myself writing invoices, typing instructions and setting up a folder … because I am now a regular contributor to some of the best crafting magazines in Australia.  That thrills me no end!  Yes, I have had project published before, but just one here and another there … today I sent off 3 for a single issue!  Oh yes … that makes me feel quite professional.

Then there’s my mixed martial arts class … last night’s circuit was diabolical I tell you!  12kg kettle bell swings, 8kg lifts, 3kg bouncy balls, kicking, resistance bands, punching, chucking medicine balls about and so forth.  I might ache today, but damn it feels good.  This is something I love, and I put it out there to the grand universe that I want more of it.  Well … call me a master manifester, because my trainer, Tiago, is moving to a new gym, and I will have access to more classes.  Then I scored a training session with Natalie of Tenacity Hypnotherapy and Personal Training tomorrow, as well as 2 sessions with Emazon & Natalie next weekend!!!

There’s a bunch of other stuff that’s also contributing to my sunny disposition.  Yes … I am feeling good 😀


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