A quick game is a good game

P1040941 reduced CEHave you ever been unable to bear the thought of leaving a fabric behind at the store?  Yup … that was me this morning.  I swear, I just popped in for 25cm of 2 fabrics for Miss K’s textiles assignment.  I walked out with this ADORABLE kitty print drill fabric as well.

In the old days (and that means last month) I would have stashed this away in my cupboard, only to unearth it months (or years) down the track and wonder why I bought it.  But I’ve had a taste of completing projects quickly lately … and I like it!!  I am following my own advice of only buying something if you have immediate plans to use it, and know exactly what you are going to do with it.  This negates the need for copious amounts of storage space and dissipates crafters guilt.  In less than 3 hours I have purchased supplies and completed a pretty darn cool messenger bag.

The pattern is Burda 8235 (though I have seen it as a free download on the Burda website!).  It takes 50cm of your outside fabric (I like drill, as it’s hard wearing), and 40cm of lining fabric.  You need a stiff interfacing for the front flap, and it’s literally 3 pattern pieces!  Super easy.  My last messenger bag from this pattern lasted me 7 years (that’s daily use), and I love that it’s totally reversible.  This new one cost me under $7 for materials (hooray for drill & homespun on sale!), and will no doubt last another 7 years … that’s $1 per year for awesome hands-free handbag goodness!

So, if you’re a bit of a fabric hoarder, I encourage you to give this a try.  Pick a project, buy (or shop in your own stash) exactly what you need and finish it straight away.  It’s a blissful feeling!



2 thoughts on “A quick game is a good game

  1. Haven’t gotten round to making bags yet but my stash is growing. Have some awesome doll and soft toy patterns to try and I have a patchwork class on Saturday. Lol

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