So much happening!

4 Feb 2013 Scrap It TV season 6 shoot (13)

As the saying goes … It’s all happening here!  Sunday night was the launch of Scrap It TVs new season.  It has been very exciting to receive lots of great feedback from viewers via our Facebook page, and being able to run a giveaway has been pretty cool too!

Sadly I have been KO’d with a shocking cold, which means no complicated crafting for me.  Instead I have been working on squares for the Mario 8-bit quilt I’m making my daughter for her birthday.

P1040959 reduced CE


I have given my website a new home with WordPress, including an awesome shopping cart!  I am really, really excited about the product I’m about to order … big launch next week!!

Our lovely Japanese exchange student went home last week, and she has already emailed us.  Her mother was quite moved when Mao showed her the Gumnut Baby quilt I made for her.  Now the search is on for a copy of the book to send her!

P1040937 reduced CE


Now … it’s off to the shops to forage for food, then home to work on another Mario square!



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