Online store is GO!



It took time and a whole lot of patience from my amazing web-hosts, Little Hero Hosting, and some amazing assistance from Marni of Frankensteins Fabrics … but the online store is up and running beautifully.

I am stocking Copic products and accessories, and after much math and calculations, I have priced them at a level I know I would pay.  If you are after something that’s not in-store, I can order it for you.

There is also a nifty section for handmade items, crafted with love by me.

Promo pic


The most recent addition in the ‘Templates’ section is this huge template set.  It featured on Scrap It TV last night (Season 6, episode 4), and is finally up and ready to sell.  I am also editing a bonus video right now with a few more detailed instructions.  Of course, I used it for a wedding album, but it can be used for pretty much any theme you like.

It’s kind of like Christmas here, with boxes of goodies arriving on random days.  The aim of the shop is to provide products at great prices, and knowledge to go with them.  Coming soon are home-study workshops, kits and monthly bundles  & specials.  Etc. Anime digital stamps will be making a come-back (as long as Miss Etc does her homework and cleans her room first LOL), and sold exclusively at

You can visit the store HERE … just scroll through the category drop down menu to find what you seek or browse about 😀


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