Quotable of the Day – Tea

If in doubt make tea reduced


I’m not sure what it is about a nice hot cuppa in a favourite mug that is so comforting.  It’s an entirely different experience from grabbing something on the go, and all the better if you can share it with favourite friends.  There’s often talk about the cafe culture in different cities, and I believe it’s the perfect way to connect.  Meeting up with a friend at a coffee shop is a great way to connect while you solve the worlds great problems.  Inviting a friend for a cuppa & biscuit at home was a great way to connect when you’re a stay-at-home Mum, especially if your kids play nicely while you sip & chat.  Even when I’m home alone (ahhhh, the bliss!), if I really need to sort something out, I prefer to sit with a cup of tea in my favourite mug, and make a list, or just look at the task at hand, sketch, or soak up the winter sun & watch the birdlife in my garden.  It’s a great way to centre yourself.

It doesn’t matter if it’s tea, coffee, chai or something else … a nice brew in a favourite mug is a beautiful thing


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