Patchwork & Stitching – Eco Craft

VOl 14 No 10 cover

I knew this was coming … I’d see my big green bunny in the back of the last issue (that was so exciting!).  But I didn’t know it would be here today!!!  A little birdie mentioned that I should check my letterbox, and this was waiting inside.  I know I must have looked a bit crazy to my neighbours, for I did a little happy dance right there in the front yard to see my bunny on the cover.

VOl 14 No 10

But then I opened it up … O.M.G.!!!!  My profile was right there on page 8!  Miss E was just a bit impressed to see a photo of mum in a magazine (and so was I LOL).  This is a goal I set for myself 15 years ago, and it is beyond exciting to see it happen.  It’s a great reminder that goals are constantly changing, moving, being achieved, and re-set.  I wonder what is next for me … I know it will be exciting 🙂  Huge personal thanks go to Marni Franks of Frankensteins Fabrics, and the lovely Melinda Law, editor of the magazine, for making this dream come true!

Apart from all that excitement, this is just a really exciting issue … the Eco Issue.  My project is made using a shirt sourced at an op shop, and there are some gorgeous stash busters and nature-themed projects to try your hand at.


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