Quotable of the day – Time

The Time is Now reduced

I am the queen of procrastination, and I hate it.  Procrastination is a thief!  It steals time, money, experiences and happiness, leaving only guilt and shame as its calling card.  I do, at times, drive myself crazy.  There are lots of books about procrastination and how to conquer it.  Seriously … I own one, and it took me months to get around to reading it.  What does that tell you?

However … I have a little saying.  Action eases anxiety.  In fact, I no longer label my lists ‘To Do’ (yes, I am a compulsive list maker … it frees up my brain to do other stuff).  I now label them ‘Action Eases Anxiety’.  In other words … what can I do on this list today that will put a smile on my face, make me feel better or ease a worry that is doing my head in?  ‘To Do’ is bossy … ‘Action Eases Anxiety’ reminds me that I’ll feel better when I’ve done these things.

How many times do we say (or hear people say) I just don’t have enough hours in the day.  Fact of the matter is, everyone gets 24 hours.  That’s our lot.  Some seem to achieve more than others, and the only difference I can see is choices.  Some people choose to play Candy Crush Saga for hours on end in hope of beating level 137 (I hear that’s a doozy).  Some people watch a lot of tv or spend hours surfing the net.  Some people work ridiculously long hours, with less home time than they’d like, while others love their long work hours, because that’s where they count their achievements.  Some people turn off the computer and the television and their phones & tablets, and get out and do stuff.  It’s about what you choose to do with your time, and it’s pretty cool that we have so much choice in our lives.

As for me … I recently made a decision to stop talking about doing things quite so much, and actually start doing them.  It’s pretty amazing what you can achieve when you knuckle down and try 🙂


One thought on “Quotable of the day – Time

  1. It was 147 – just so you know 😉 And I beat it a couple of days ago when I had two left to destroy so I purchased ammunition to do it!! lol
    But you’re right – spending time wisely and doing the things we enjoy doing is important.

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