Scissors on a plane

I am taking a trip to Perth this weekend.  I am going to visit my oldest friend (as in … I have known her for the longest out of all my friends … she is 7 months younger than me, so not old AT ALL).  It is a looooooong flight.  Last time I could not take my dangerous tapestry needle and tiny scissors on board … I had to put them in my checked baggage.  This time I am not taking checked baggage, but I don’t want to be bored on the flight.

cross stitch for blog

This is what I’m working on.  It’s my third Pixel Power alphabet sampler … video games.  I looked at the prohibited items page … it did not mention tapestry needles.  I called the airline, and they assured me that as long as I tell them I have it at check in and xray, I will be allowed to have it.  But not my pointy, pointy scissors.  Facebook was a garden of knowledge on the topic of how to cut your thread on a plane without taking your pointy scissors.  My awesome friend Jayne dropped me a cute Clover thread cutter.  It can go on my key chain or the zip of my cross-stitch pouch and just look pretty.

Quality Control Kitty

Not only does the airline approve, but Quality Control Kitty gave it her approval also.  Of course, there are other things I could do on a long flight and train trip.  I could read a book … play my DS … colour with copics.  But I am limited in size & weight for my carry-on luggage, and I know I’ll finish a book before I get home … and I would never be able to narrow down copic markers to colour with (and can’t take refills), and the DS makes me sleepy (though the 3am start and red eye flight home won’t help in that regard!), so cross-stitch it is.  At 2 hours per little figure, I easily have 24 hours of stitching in one project.

How cute is this pixel alphabet?  Oh … just ADORABLE!  I have also stitched the Star Wars alphabet and Super Heroes alphabet.  Dr Who is printed up and ready to start next.  Right now they have an awesome sale … buy 5 patterns and get 50% off.  Just use the code 5PATTERNS at checkout.  Patterns include Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, Sons of Anarchy, The Princess Bride and sooooo much more.  They even have freebies … lots of freebies!  I’m not affiliated with them at all, I just love their patterns. They’re crafty and geeky and easy to do.  Want to see them? … CLICK HERE


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